What other art lovers say

We waren allebei meteen verkocht door dit werk van Dario Manjate. De kleuren, het sprekende gezicht, Afrika… ….voor ons komen veel dingen samen in dit prachtige, optimistische kunstwerk. Dank Wim!

Taika & Guido
art lover(s)

Amersfoort, Nederland
Zoom uit en je ziet haar verschijnen. Zoom in en het wordt een samenvoegsel van allerlei zaken met als middelpunt de tekst "Love at first sight, again and again.” En zo is het ons ook vergaan; Love at first sight!

Alice & André
art lovers

Amersfoort, Nederland
Urban Encounters on the right spot!
It was love at first sight. Andrews paintings was really standing out on the art fair and we just could not resist this one. It got even better when we got it home on the wall and both my wife and I enjoy looking at it on a daily basis.

Per & Margareta
art lovers

Stockholm, Sweden
‘Salvation’ at the dining table
We really fell in love with the beautiful wallcarpets from Alma Thomas. It was such a difficult choice, so finally we decided to buy three of them....! It feels like they were specially made for our house, it’s meant to be!

Desiree & Hans
art lovers

Amersfoort, The Netherlands
‘Serene’ at the front door
The Wanderers came home
I celebrated a special birthday in 2018 and I had a special birthday wish: a piece of art from my family and friends for my house. After searching quite a long time I finally found ‘the Wanderers’; a beautiful wallcarpet from Alma Thomas! It feels like the perfect fit and it really makes me happy. And the Wanderers don’t have to wander anymore because they found their perfect spot!

art lover

Amersfoort, The Netherlands
Contemplations 2 among other artwork
We hung Andrew’s painting in a corner of our living room. It might not be its final place but in our house the old man will never be alone! Our four children love it too. Thank you again for having brought Andrew in our lives. Please give him our best wishes.

Xavier & Annette
art lovers

La Hulpe, Belgium
The perfect spot for Salvation!
Alma Thomas’ journey as an artist and person resonated with us and we put up her Salvation in our dining room where it will be part of many dinner conversations!

Erik & Linda
art lovers

Djursholm, Sweden
Halt, a timeless wall carpet in a modern 2020 kitchen
This is it! ‘Halt’, the wallcarpet that touches us day after day. The eternal question: is she elegant walking for her lover or is she running out of fear…? Is it 1930 or present time…?

Ruut & Mariska
art lovers

Amersfoort, The Netherlands